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Our Story

In 2019 I was ordering my favorite men’s wool dress socks online, since I couldn’t find them easily in the stores anymore. They had my usual dark grey, black, navy blue and dark brown in my blended merino wool. It was Christmas and I received a funny package of socks with my favorite cartoon character on them.


I thought hmm I wonder what is available in fun and dressy patterns online.  Well, there wasn’t much in merino wool in my tastes. There were lots of Nordic designs and sport socks. I did like the limited few dress socks I found but there weren’t enough colours in them unlike my very colourful cotton Christmas gift socks.

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The Epiphany

Cotton socks had lots of different fun designs. However, my feet perspire and cotton doesn’t wick away the moisture like merino wool does, so they were out of the question. They also do not last as long as merino wool socks. There is now a manufactured unnatural merino product but I found they make your feet hot. What was I to do?

I had an epiphany at that moment: I could design my own socks and sell them online using a natural merino wool blend. That ultimately led to our Black Sheep Socks company.

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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to bring to you high quality fine merino wool socks with class and colour. High needle count machines are used so the fibres used are fine and soft.


They are made by a European family run manufacturer who have produced more than 50 million socks over the last 40 plus years for customers around the world.

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Our Collections

My high-quality merino wool socks in fancy and fun dress and casual designs are ready to share with others. We’ve found that both men and women like to wear these unisex socks.

Every few months we have new sock designs arriving from our European manufacture using high quality merino wool blend. Let us know what you think of them.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee


BUY NOW as we pride ourselves on customer service and always expect 100% customer satisfaction.

If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, please get in touch for a full refund.

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